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Benefits of video on your website

  • Customer retention

  • Search Engine positioning

  • Keep viewers on your site

  • Available 24/7

  • Easy to change

  • Use for Intro Videos and Testimonials

  • Promotion, Training, Events

Welcome to Video For My Website

You have reached  Video For My Website - a service from Editpoint

Video on your website is the best way to make an impact on others and build your website an audience. You can use online video for 

Web Intro, Testimonials, Product Promotion, Company Promotion, Staff Induction, Training, Live Events, Music Video etc

The modern web has changed how we share our stories and attract attention.  An online presence, with high quality video at its core, is mandatory. Today’s  Internet users expect it.

Lots of research backs this up. Study after study shows that video works. Not only does video rank higher than text or photos  in a Google search, it entices visitors to stay longer on a site while soliciting more hits and shares.

Why Professionally Made Video?

According to recent surveys*, almost 30% of people say they would watch more online video content if the quality of content was higher. Another report* showed that using a professionally produced video "consumers perceived feature benefits as more believable"

It’s tempting to want to produce your own videos because professionally made videos cost money. But it’s money well spent that will pay you back many times over as the video continues to help you attract an audience.

There are, however,  simpler video projects that can be done efficiently without a professional. If this is a viable option for your needs, we will be happy to suggest this during a consultation. We want to help you find the best way to spread your message.

You can use an Intro Video on your landing page as an introduction to your company/service or use it to show testimonials, product demonstrations and How-To videos.

We have three packages, set out below, which can be used as starting points but we will always taylor a video to your specific needs.

Contact us to discuss how we can help your online presence. 

As well as online video we also offer live event filming and a comprehensive range of video and DVD related services.


* various reports can be found here




You provide us with your photographs and we will turn them into a stunning video slideshow.

From: £199.00



We come to you and film at your premises to a script and storyboard provided by yourselves. 

From: £499.00



We will do everything for you from concept through to finshed video and we could also do a website for you (extra)

From: £1995.00


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